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How to Request Copies of Our Public Records


The complete index and documents for Brown County land records from 1818-to-present are available in the Recorder’s Office.  All public documents on record in the Brown County Recorder’s Office may be viewed free-of-charge in the office during the business hours of 8:00 am – 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday; excluding government holidays.


Requests may be made by the following methods:


  1. Visit the Brown County Recorder’s Office located at 800 Mt. Orab Pike, Suite 151, and Georgetown, Ohio, 45121

  2. Visit our Online Search

  3. Request document copies by phoning 937-378-6478.  At the time of your phone request, please have the necessary information for the Recorder’s staff to locate your record

  4. Request a document online

  5. Request a document by fax

  6. Request a document by email


All requests by phone, fax, or email are processed in the order received, within a reasonable length of time required for the retrieval process.  Pre-payment is required. 


Document copy fees are outlined in the Brown County Recorder’s public records policy and in compliance with the guidelines set forth in the Ohio Revised Code Section 317.32.



Copies made by individuals                                       $0.10  per page

Copies made by the reorder’s staff                           $2.00  per page

Certified copies                                                            $2.00  per page

Add:  for certification                                                  $1.00  per instrument


Please note that the Brown County Recorder and staff are prohibited by law from performing title searches and answering questions that are of a legal nature.


Public records will be redacted in accordance with ORC 317.082 to remove:

  • An individual’s social security number

  • An individual’s federal tax identification number

  • An individual’s driver’s license number or state ID number

  • An individual’s checking account, savings account, or credit card number


Effective April 7, 2009; ORC 317.24 determined veterans discharge records were no longer to be considered public record.  

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