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How to Record a Deed

The Brown County Recorder’s office does no document preparation or sale of forms.


The Brown County Recorder and Staff cannot offer any legal advice.



O.R.C. 317.08 & 5301.01

Definition:  Deed is a written document, properly signed and delivered, that conveys title to real property.  (Jack P. Friedman, 2008) 


The following information should be on a deed prior to recording:

  1. Approval for transfer by Tax Map Office ( stamp )

  2. Transfer or endorsement by Auditor ( stamp )

  3. Name of Seller

  4. Name and address of buyer

  5. Original signature and date of seller, legible or typed or printed beneath

  6. Notary acknowledgement

  7. Legal description, County, Township or Village and size of land

  8. Parcel number

  9. Preparation statement


Recording a Deed through the Mail:


Mail the deed to Brown County Recorder’s Office at:

Brown County Recorder

800 Mt. Orab Pike

Suite 151

Georgetown, OH  45121


  • Include a brief cover letter or note explaining what you need done, including a telephone number.

  • If including more than one deed, specify if they are to be reordered in a specific order.

  • Include a check made payable to Brown County Recorder for the proper recording fees.  (There is a State Regulated fee for deeds of $28.00 for the first two pages and $8.00 for each additional page).

  • Include all Auditor fees and forms.

  • Legal descriptions are to be checked by the Tax Map department, please contact them for requirements.

  • Include a self-addressed stamped envelope to return your recorded documents.


Recording a Deed in Person:


Start the process in the Recorder’s office.  The Recorder’s office will check the document for their recording requirements and fees.  After the Recorder’s office you will need to next go the Brown County Auditor’s Office, located next door to the Recorder, in the same building; to complete the conveyance process.  After you have completed your transaction with the Auditor, your deed will be picked up by the Brown County Tax Map department, located at the Engineer Building, 25 Veterans Blvd., Georgetown, OH  45121.

Once the Tax Map and Auditor review and stamp your deed, or other conveyance document, it will be returned to the Recorder’s office to be recorded and made public record.  Since Tax Map will only review documents in the order received. Walking through a document will not be possible; for this reason, you must leave a self-addressed stamped envelope or pick up the original deed in person once it is recorded.

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