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This is a summary of the Brown County Recorders Public Records Policy.


  • All Public Records as defined by 149.43 of the Ohio Revised Code responsive to the request shall be promptly prepared and made available for inspection to any person at all reasonable times during regular business hours.


  • Records are available Monday – Friday from 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM.


  • There will be a per copy fee charged in accordance with the adopted fee schedule.


  • Advance payment may be required before any copies are prepared.


  • Public Records Requests will be given prompt attention and fulfilled as soon as possible.


  • Public Records Requests can be made in writing, although a written request in not mandatory.

  • Schedules of Records Retention and Disposition for all County offices/agencies can be obtained thru the Records Commission Secretary, located in the Brown County Commissioners office; or directly from the individual office/agency.

Recorder's Retention Schedule
County General Retention Schedule
Recorder's Public Records Policy
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