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Armed Forces Veteran ID Card

The Brown County Recorder’s Office is pleased to offer a program benefiting our United States Armed Forces Veterans. This program allows Brown County Veterans to obtain a Photo Identification Card that will display the veterans branch of service, address and honorable discharge date. This card also contains a volume and page and/or document number, so the discharge record can be easily located by this office when needed.

In order for a Veteran to receive a card, they will have to file, or have already filed, their original or certified copy of their military discharge (DD214) paperwork with the Brown County Recorder’s Office and show valid photo ID.

What to bring:

  • A legible Original or Certified copy of Honorable discharge (DD214) to be recorded, at no charge to the veteran. (DD214 will be returned to veteran by mail after processing. It can also be picked up by the veteran if requested.)

  • A valid identification card.

  • If your Honorable discharge is not legible, it must be followed by a letter from the VA translating the discharge.

  • If your Honorable discharge is already recorded in this office, please let us know and we can look it up.


Armed Forces Veteran ID Card can be used:

  • To receive benefits or discounts* at participating retail establishments and restaurants.

  • Proof of military service.

  • To obtain certified copies of your DD214 from the Brown County Recorder's Office.

  • Voter Identification.

*Veteran Discounts (click here); listing provided by The American Legion, this is not a Brown County Recorder document/website or endorsement.

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